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Inspiring Future Designers: deSTYLE’s Guest Lecture at Georgian College


In a recent guest lecture at Georgian College, deSTYLE Handcrafted Finishes Ltd. had the unique opportunity to immerse first-year interior design students in the world of artisanal lime plaster. Through hands-on samples and engaging discussions, we shared the sustainable luxury that our lime plaster brings to interior design, architecture, and construction. Students' reactions were overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing newfound appreciation for the material's durability, aesthetic appeal, and eco-friendly attributes. "The interactive nature of the presentation...was highly praised by the students," said Darren, our presenter. One student remarked, "It was a very engaging discussion that was super informative." This event was a testament to deSTYLE's mission to inspire and revolutionize design with sustainable practices and artisanal craftsmanship. Join us on our blog as we delve into this inspiring journey of education, craftsmanship, and sustainable design at Georgian College.

At deSTYLE Handcrafted Finishes Ltd., our mission is to inspire and revolutionize the interior design, architecture, and construction industries with the sustainable luxury of artisanal lime plaster. Recently, we had the unique opportunity to extend our knowledge and passion to the future stars of interior design during a guest lecture at Georgian College here in Barrie. The experience was not only a chance for us to share our craft but also to learn from the fresh perspectives of first-year interior design students. Their feedback was incredibly insightful, and we’re excited to share some highlights from this enriching experience.

“The interactive nature of the presentation, characterized by hands-on samples of lime plaster and a discussion-led format, was highly praised by the students. This approach facilitated a lively and engaging learning environment and deepened the students’ understanding of lime plaster’s unique qualities,” reflects Darren, our representative and presenter at the lecture. This sentiment echoes through the student feedback, emphasizing the value of hands-on learning and open dialogue.

One student remarked, “I enjoyed Darren’s visit…He brought in hands-on samples and shared them with the class. He was reliant on the viewers asking questions which I appreciated because it was a very engaging discussion that was super informative.” This interactive element allowed students to physically engage with lime plaster, understanding its texture, versatility, and application potential firsthand.

The discovery of lime plaster’s durability and sustainability surprised many students, reshaping their preconceptions and sparking interest in its use for future projects. “The durability also surprised me. It feels like a sandy sort of material so I didn’t think it would be very durable, but I was surprised to learn that it was,” shared another student, highlighting the revelation that came with hands-on experience.

Our discussion also ventured beyond lime plaster, briefly comparing it with alternative finishes like tadelakt and micro-cement. Though not services provided by deSTYLE, this comparative analysis enriched students’ understanding, enabling them to appreciate lime plaster’s unique benefits. “In the future, I will definitely compare…lime plaster when considering a finish for a design,” a student noted, showcasing the broadened perspective gained from the lecture.

The enthusiasm and passion for lime plaster and sustainable design practices were palpable throughout the lecture, leaving a lasting impact on the students. “Darren seemed very passionate about the process of his field, which made it easier to listen to him and take in his knowledge,” a student observed. This passion is at the core of what we do at deSTYLE, aiming to inspire not just with our products but with our commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship.

The lecture at Georgian College was a reminder of the importance of bridging the gap between industry professionals and the academic community. It was an opportunity to sow seeds of sustainability, craftsmanship, and innovation in the minds of future designers. As one student aptly put it, “I am very excited to use this in a project in my career! I think that it is a great way to create an elevated design and include biophilic elements.”

At deSTYLE, we are grateful for the opportunity to have shared our passion with the students at Georgian College and look forward to continuing to inspire the next generation of designers, architects, and builders with the beauty and sustainability of artisanal lime plaster.