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Careers with deSTYLE

At deSTYLE, our focus is luxury artisanal finishes. We’re looking for individuals who share our passion for artisanal lime plaster, exceptional craftsmanship, and making a positive impact on the environment and society. If you’re ready to contribute to a team that sets the Gold standard in the artisanal finishes market in Barrie, Collingwood, and Muskoka, we’d love to meet you.

Our work is specialized and demands a unique set of skills. At deSTYLE, we understand that excellence takes time to cultivate. This recognition shapes our approach to hiring—centered around the talent we discover and the mutual growth that follows. We believe in:

  • Seeking Passionate Individuals: We look for those with unique skills and a deep love for our industry.
  • Tailoring Roles to Talent: Instead of confining talent to predefined roles, we build positions that amplify individual strengths.
  • Ensuring Long-Term Fit: Our goal is to support both personal and company growth, ensuring a harmonious and lasting relationship.

Our process is thoughtful and detailed, designed to ensure that every new member of our team is a perfect fit—for us and for them.

  • In-Depth Interview Process: Our interviews are designed to foster mutual understanding and ensure alignment with our core values and vision. Candidates will experience an online application, a telephone interview, and a concluding in-person interview.

  • Practical Assessment: We conduct working interviews that not only assess technical skills but also how candidates tackle the unique challenges we face at deSTYLE. These sessions are paid, respecting the time and effort of all participants.

  • Strategic Integration: Finding the right candidate prompts us to thoughtfully carve out a niche within our team that plays to their strengths. This tailored integration can take several months, underlining our commitment to long-term growth and success.

At deSTYLE, we are in the pursuit of artisans and professionals who embody the essence of sustainable luxury in the interior design, architecture, and construction industries. Our ideal candidate is not just someone looking for a job but someone seeking to be part of a movement towards excellence and sustainability in artisanal lime plaster finishes. Here are the qualities that make up our ideal team member:

Passionate about Craftsmanship: You have a deep respect for craftsmanship, with a keen interest or background in the art of artisanal finishes, interior design, or architecture. You value quality over quantity and are dedicated to mastering your craft, understanding that true excellence takes time and patience.

Growth-Oriented and Innovative: You are someone who sees potential not just in materials and designs but in yourself. Eager to grow alongside deSTYLE, you bring innovative ideas to the table and are always looking for ways to improve and expand your skills and knowledge.

Shares Our Values: Integrity, respect, and sustainability are not just words to you; they are principles you live by. You conduct yourself with professionalism, treat others with dignity, and make decisions that are good not only for today but for future generations.

Team Player with a Unique Skill Set: While you possess unique skills and talents that make you stand out, you understand the importance of teamwork and collaboration. You are excited by the prospect of having a role tailored to your strengths and are committed to contributing positively to our community.

Ready for a Long-Term Journey: You are looking for more than a job; you seek a career and a community where you can grow and thrive. Understanding that the best relationships are built over time, you are ready to engage in our comprehensive hiring process, from thorough interviews to strategic integration into our team.

Adaptable and Open-Minded: In a field as dynamic as artisanal finishes, the ability to adapt and embrace new challenges is crucial. You approach problems with an open mind and are ready to learn from every experience, contributing to both your growth and the company’s.

Join Us: If you see yourself in this description, you might just be the person we’re looking for. At deSTYLE Handcrafted Finishes Ltd., we’re not just building a team; we’re cultivating a community of passionate, innovative individuals dedicated to making a difference in the world of luxury artisanal finishes. Let’s craft a beautiful future together.

Embark on a Journey of Craftsmanship and Innovation

Are you ready to contribute your passion and skills to a team that’s redefining luxury artisanal finishes? At deSTYLE Handcrafted Finishes Ltd., we’re not just offering jobs; we’re inviting you to be part of a movement that values sustainability, craftsmanship, and innovation. If you share our commitment to excellence and sustainability in the world of artisanal lime plaster, we want to hear from you. Dive into a career where your work does more than just stand out—it inspires.