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Lime plaster system

Why Lime Plaster?

At the heart of our Lime Plaster System lies a commitment to beauty, quality, and environmental stewardship. Lime plaster, with its natural ingredients, breathes life into walls, contributing to healthier indoor air quality and embodying the principles of eco-conscious living. Its circular lifecycle assures that, at the end of its journey, it returns to the earth, leaving no trace of hazardous waste or microplastics.

What's Involved?



The deSTYLE Lime Plaster System starts with a solid prep coat of our textured primer.



The artisanal application of our Lime Plaster is essential to creating a beautiful and long lasting finish.



Combining natural bees wax with traditional Marsiglia soap, this product is an essential step for preserving and enriching the beauty of our Lime Plasters.

Materials of the Highest Quality

Our plasters are crafted from the finest Dolomitic Limestone, sourced directly from the pristine Italian Alps north of Venice.

This premium material ensures unparalleled quality and durability, offering a finish that is both luxurious and long lasting, embodying the pinnacle of artisanal excellence.

Consult Our Product Data Sheets 

We understand that every project is unique, and making an informed choice is crucial. We invite you to delve deeper into the specifics of our Lime Plasters by consulting the data sheets linked below. You will find comprehensive information on the properties, applications, and technical details of each product, helping you choose the perfect plaster for your project.

Product Data Sheets